VR & AR Game Promo – Task 4: Questionnaire Creation & Peer-Assessment

We had to create and shoot a VR game concept involving a green screen shot into the concept footage. This was at the end of the coursework, but our work was still not over, as we needed to create a questionnaire for our peers to assess our work. These are the questions that I will include in the questionnaire.

This coursework was a group project involving; Jordan, Matthew Miller, Stuart, Harry and Adil. Here are their blogs:

Jordan: https://kcimgdjordanalexisebanks.wordpress.com/

Matthew Miller: N/A

Stuart: https://kcimgdstuartthorne.wordpress.com/

Harry: https://kcimgdharryjohnston.wordpress.com/

1) Do you like the game title ‘Cupackechaos!!1!’ and explain your answer?


2) Did you like the game promo / idea?



3) How good is the video quality from 1 to 10?

4) How good is the audio quality from 1 to 10?

5) Did you like the 3D room piece? (showcased from 0:02 to 0:17) Is there any improvements that could be made?


6) Did you like the green screen effect? (showcased from 0:20 to 0:30) Is there any improvements that could be made?


7) What do you think about the two logo designs? (showcased at the start) Is there any improvements that could be made?


8) Would you buy this if it was a game?



9) Please write any other comments about this game that you would like to include.


Google forms link:


I gave the link to my college and we answered each other’s questionnaires. I got 2 answers back to my questionnaire and was really helpful getting other opinions on the coursework. These photos show their answers, and also shows what we need to focus on if we would do this project again.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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