FMP 2D Game – Showreel Process & Long Timelapse of Game Design

We have to make up our own assignment & complete the task. I wanted to create a 2D game with a completed level. I will need to create a 30 second showreel to go alongside my display photos. This will be marked alongside all of the other work for my FMP grade.

The first showreel idea that I had was to take screenshots of my coursework and edit them to show progress. This has many advantages, such as the little amount of time it would take to create a short showreel using 6 to 10 screenshots. However, lots of people were screenshotting their work so I looked for something different. By now, I was informed that there was no possibility of putting my game on display, as game maker studio couldn’t run on a Mac, and there were no PC’s that could run game maker studio in the college. As I originally was really looking forward to showcasing my game on the day, I decided to do the next best thing. This was to record my own screen while I was making game maker studio 2, so then I can edit a timelapse of me making the game.

With a plan to create a time-lapse of my game, I looked online for a screen recorder and found Camtasia. This software records your computer screen and luckily has a trial version long enough for me to use for my FMP. From here on out, I recorded my screen for a week and a half and got over 25 hours of footage to meticulously edit. To help editing and rendering, I saved it in 4 hour-long batches. Then, I sped the footage up to about 100x the normal speed, so 1 second in real time would be 100 seconds in the time-lapse. After speeding the footage up, I edited through the clips to see what was worth saving and got about 6 minutes and 30 seconds worth of footage. (so about 650 minutes or 11 real time hours of footage)

I made two showreels so then I can put a long version up on Youtube and a shorter version in the 30 second allocated space which is for the class showreel. Below is the long version to watch, and is nice to watch as it shows a steady progression in my game design.


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