FMP 2D Game – Game Engine Breakdown

We have to make up our own assignment & complete the task. I wanted to create a 2D game with a completed level. As I wanted to create a game, I needed to create it using a game engine of my choice. Some game engines had clear advantages and disadvantages, so needed to choose wisely.

As I really wanted to make sure that I chose the right game engine for my final major project, I created a game using each of the game engines that I wanted to try out. Then, after trying out all the game engines I wanted to, I rated them each on how easy it would create a 2D game in, and the general ease of use of creating a game without following a guide online. The three game engines that I wanted to try out, are: Game Maker studio 2, (2D) Unity, (2D) and Unreal Engine 4. (3D) These are the three most acclaimed game engines on the market, that also are free to use. The first game engine that I used was Unreal Engine 4.

Unreal Engine 4

Unreal engine 4 was used as a basis for one of our coursework’s. I liked using Unreal engine as it was easy and fun to learn and use in a short while. You can check my other blog posts that describe in detail the complete game. However, to help make the game, I followed the above YouTube tutorial which helped me learn quickly how to use the game engine. Unreal Engine is easy to use, so I continued without the help of tutorials and added extra stuff in the game.

Although I have the most time using Unreal engine 4, I did not choose this game engine for my FMP. There are clear disadvantages to Unreal engine 4, with the major one being that it is a 3D game engine. As my FMP would be 2D, it would take much more time to make it in Unreal as it is mainly used for 3D games. Also, I couldn’t find out a way of shooting at the mouse pointer in my time creating the coursework. With the ‘shooting at the mouse location’ mechanic being an essential part of my 2D game, it would be extremely hard to overcome this major hurdle. However, there are advantages to the game engine; it is a fun, easy but also complex for most of your gaming needs.


For the other two game engines, I Invested my own time to explore what other game engines would be like. However, I immediately collided into a problem when making this a game in Unity. Unreal Engine 4 and Game Maker studio 2 uses a drag and drop mechanic for easy game making, but allows written code. However, Unity only uses coding, with no drag and drop feature, so this really overwhelmed me. I also used a YouTube tutorial and really didn’t feel confident in using Unity for 2D games. However, if I had more knowledge in coding, this wouldn’t be a problem. Here is a short video of the game I made.

I am glad to experience what Unity had to offer. However, the problem was simple; the game engine only uses raw code and I don’t know how to write code. The YouTube tutorial 100% guided me making the example game, but when I added extra mechanics from the tutorial, I failed all the time. For example, I wanted to add a main menu, but after about 4 hours of learning a bit of code, I gave up and realised that coding takes a long time to learn, not just 5 days for a practice game. I just can’t understand how to code, so Unity was not usable for my FMP.

Game Maker Studio 2

Game Maker Studio 2 was last and final game engine I tested. I really felt confident using game maker studio 2 as it sounded like it would a 2D version of Unreal Engine 4. I followed a YouTube tutorial online to learn the basics of how the game engine works. However, I found out that the tutorial didn’t conclude at a good point and should have continued to explain in more depth. On the other hand, this gave me a chance to extend the game by myself, but found a massive disadvantage in the game engine along the way. This game engine is very easy to use, along with the fact that it is built for 2D games in mind, gives it an edge when compared with Unreal engine 4.

A huge disadvantage of game maker studio 2 is that the full version is £100, and the trial version has heavy restrictions in place. This means that game maker studio 2 will not be able to be played in the showcase and will also be restricted in the amount of content in the game. However, this game engine was made for 2D games in mind, and it is extremely easy to use. In my opinion, the fact that Unreal engine is built for 3D games, makes making 2D games in the engine annoying. If there is a game engine that does the job better, mind as well use that game engine, even if it is restricted.


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