FMP 2D Game – Peer Review Questionnaire

We have to make up our own assignment & complete the task. I wanted to create a 2D game with a completed level. I will be handing out questionnaires to answer after they play the game. This information will be essential to see if the game is good or bad to play. These are the questions that I will include in the questionnaire.

1) What is your gender?



Prefer not to answer

2) What is your age range?

Under 12

12 – 17

18 – 24

25 – 34

35 – 44

45 or over

These two questions are to see who the player of the game is. Then, using charts, we can see if an age range liked the game more to find out the target market. Target markets for games are usually younger, so the age ends at 45 years or over. 12 or under, shouldn’t play this game, as it expresses mature themes, and maybe even should be rated 16.

3) Do you play games?



4) What is your preferred gaming system?



5) How many hours of games (on average) do you play a week? (Excluding phone usage)


These questions are to see gaming habits of the player. This will be used to see if they know about different types of games and see if they like games.

6) Do you like the name ‘Breach and Secure’ and explain your answer?




7) Did you like the game concept/idea?



8) Did you experience any bugs while you playing? If yes, explain what they were?




9) What were the good or bad points of this game? (For example, too complex, good art)


10) Please write any other comments about this game that you would like to include.


These final questions are about my game. This is to provide information to me about the game. I will use these comments to improve the game at certain points, to see if the game is going well or not. I have also made a Google Forms document so that if there is a chance to show my game, then the game will be on display alongside the google docs sheet for people to answer questions after they play the game, Here is the Google Docs Sheet link.


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