FMP 2D Game – Game Brainstorming

We have to make up our own assignment & complete the task. I wanted to create a 2D game with a completed level. This is my game brainstorming.

Breach & Secure (Game title subject to change)

You play as a veteran counter-terrorist squad leader, in charge of a SWAT team. There are two main phases to the game. The first phase is the planning phase, where you get a budget to spend on anything you want. For example, you can get a team to support you, or extra fire, ambulance or police to control the rooms you secure, and sniper teams. During this phase, you can plan a basic breach of the room, and can synchronise attacks with the number keys. The next phase is the attack phase, which puts you into the level. You can control your player, which can shoot, change weapons & kill enemies. Here, you can pause anytime you want, and micromanage similar to the planning phase, but just planning the attack. There will be many ways to breach a room, such as using a spy-camera to spot the enemies, that will give you the edge when breaching.

When you finish, you get a 5-star score for the level. This will be broken down into categories, of what you did well, such as subdue terrorists, and what you did poorly, such as a death of a civilian. You earn the money you didn’t spend in the level, into your account balance. This is used to upgrade your character into different tech trees to specialise your character. However, there will be no in game purchases to speed up your game. If you wanted to breach, you can be a breacher. If you wanted to be support for your teams, you can give support & buff with passives. This tree can be re-spec’d anytime you want, so you can use different play styles, without the worry that your points are wasted. When you go into other levels, you will automatically unlock a second and third character to support you, with their own tech trees. You will also be able to select you & your preferred teammates weapon layout anytime you want. They can select a Primary, Secondary, Lethal, Tactical and a special weapon.

One class only uses pistols. While you lack in damage, you make up in speed and agility. His perk gives other players a speed boost and will be called the “Hitman” class.

Another class uses a full shield to stop incoming bullets from the front, but will be extremely slow and will not be able to wear any body armour. His perk allows your teammates to get an armour boost and will be called the “Juggernaut” class.

Another class will only use  supressed weapons to take down the enemy. He will also move slower, but quieter. His perk gives your team quieter shots and will be called the “Covert” class.

The last class will carry two different pieces of equipment with other extra benefits. His perk gives your teammates extra grenades to use and will be called the “Technician” class.


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