VROOM – Video game interfaces! – Task 4: Midway Peer-assessment

Midway ‘crit’ means a peer-assessment and is halfway through the coursework brief. This is to create ideas and filter out bad ideas for the final visuals/designs.

This is all the work I have done halfway through the assessment. This is not much as I was focused on other coursework and will be focusing on this at a later date. This is my sketched work.

Basic Logo Designs     Concepts of SpeedometersBasis of SpeedometersLogos correspond with Difficulty

One of the tasks is to create a speed-o-meter to simulate the car and acceleration. These are some ideas for speed-o-meter designs and logo designs.

Speedometer 01Speedometer 02     Speedometer 04Speedometer 03     Speedometer 05

Another task was to create three teams. However, I decided to tie the team choice to a difficulty. (Easy, Normal and Hard)  These are my logo designs.

Easy Mode Logo     Meduim Mode LogoHard Mode Logo

An improvement was to create an arc of colour change on the speed-o-meter simulating a warning to not go this far unless you want to stall. A couple of colour arcs that were suggested were: black to red, blue to red, light red to dark. Generally the suggestion was a light colour to a dark colour. In my improvement, I didn’t create an arc of colour; I created a red portion which is the warning for ‘you are going to stall if you don’t shift up’.


In the earlier concepts of the game, I thought that it would be a good idea to get less money, the harder the game gets. A suggestion was to receive more money when the game got harder as that directly relates to more risk = more reward. This makes sense to make the player have an incentive to do hard levels. However, the UI design of this game doesn’t evolve around the money aspect or even the difficulty aspect.


Another suggestion was to not think about the game idea, but think more about the UI, layout and the sizes of it. Experiment on the UI & not think about the core concepts of the game. In the peer-assessment, I mentioned about the fact that my game will have more customization for the cars and one of the customisation options was the design of the speedometer which will create a bigger workload. I will incorporate the team logos into the speedometer so it will always show that in-game and it will minimise the UI on-screen. Now, more time is focused in creating team logos, a speedometer and other UI elements.


The last suggestion was to create more speedometers for more customisation options in the final game. It was hard to find a compromise between this suggestion and the last but not all feedback can be taken on board. However, I might be able to create two or three different designs so the player can purchase a different speedometer if they prefer one with the other and depending on time limits.


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